Millets, looking like tiny grains, are actually seeds belonging to the grass family POACEAE. They are referred to as grains because of their similarity in looks to the grains. Now we can check What are the Different Names of Millet in English, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada.

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Millet Name in Malayalam

Millet Name in English Malayalam
Finger Millet Panji pullu
Kodo Millet Koovaragu
Foxtail Millet Thinai
Little Millet Chama 
Barnyard Millet Kavadapullu
Pearl Millet Kambam
Sorghum Cholam             
Browntop Millet   –
Proso Millet    –


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Millet Name in Tamil

Millet Name in English Tamil
Finger Millet Kezhavaragu
Kodo Millet Varagu
Foxtail Millet Thinai
Little Millet Samai
Barnyard Millet Kuthiravali
Pearl Millet Kambu               
Sorghum Cholam
Browntop Millet   –
Proso Millet Panivaragu

Millet Name in Telugu

Millet Name in English  Telugu
Finger Millet Ragula
Kodo Millet Arikelu
Foxtail Millet Korra
Little Millet Sama
Barnyard Millet Odalu
Pearl Millet Sajjalu
Sorghum Jonna                 
Browntop Millet   –
Proso Millet Varigulu

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Millet Name in Hindi

Millet Name in English Hindi
Finger Millet Nachani /Mundua
Kodo Millet  Koden/Kodra
Foxtail Millet Kangni/Rala
Little Millet Kutki
Barnyard Millet Jhangora
Pearl Millet Bajra
Sorghum Jowar
Browntop Millet    –
Proso Millet Barri


Millet Name in Kannada

Millet Name in English Kannada
Finger Millet Ragi
Kodo Millet Harka
Foxtail Millet Navane
Little Millet Saame
Barnyard Millet Oodalu
Pearl Millet Sajje
Sorghum Jola
Browntop Millet Korale                
Proso Millet Baragu


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