About me


I’m a Software Engineer by profession, love to taste variety of authentic food from different parts of the world. I’m from Gods own country – Kerala – a state in the south-west region of India.

I was passionate about cooking from my childhood itself. I still remember I made “Fish Molee” with sardine and cow’s milk ? – Easy hack. One of my elder cousins tasted it said it was super awesome. I have tried many such experiments and served to parents, brother, cousins and friends and I got appreciations and inspiration.

My parents never allowed me to cook those days as they knew I would mess up the kitchen with my experiments ? . Instead my mom wanted me to help her in cleaning and cutting vegetables – I always scooted off. My mom is a good cook, from her only I learned the cooking techniques. I don’t ask her for recipes to cook unless it’s a rarely cooked recipe in my home. Everything is already encoded in my genes from her and noted her cooking techniques in my subconscious mind when I roam around in the kitchen ? . I’m not stating that I’m a super chef. But I’m saying that I love cooking and cooking experiments. Also I learned an important lesson of cooking from her is that cleaning and maintaining the kitchen. i.e clean all the utensils and cooking space before leaving the kitchen.

Most of my other experiments were with leftover food as it didn’t take much time for me to spend on cooking. Also I was a big fan of fried items that time. So I used to make “Ulli Vada”, “Bajji” to snack on with evening tea. But later I recognized that fried and junk food made me chubby. So now days I cook with very less oil and keep away from fried and sweet dishes. But some days I can’t control myself if I’m very hungry – I end up eating some unhealthy food.

My other interests include blogging, programming, reading, arts and crafts, gardening, astrology, travelling, stitching, interior designing and photography. Though I’m not an expert in some of these fields, I would like to step in to soon or later.

About my website

The reason for making this website is to introduce authentic Kerala recipes to everyone. I’m posting all the recipes only after cooking and tasting myself and with my family/ friends. If I’m posting non Kerala recipes, I’ll adapt the recipe to Kerala/ Indian style with the ingredients locally available with me. There’s no persistent recipe for any dish, it varies place to place and person to person. But I’m trying to provide most authentic and healthy recipes.


In the beginning all the recipe images were clicked by my mobile camera and published without editing to enhance the appearance. Now a days I use my DSLR camera to get the food in a bright and yummy way. (For introducing Kerala customs I may use some images which are licensed to reuse)

Happy and healthy cooking… ?