Kerala Style Aviyal Recipe-Avial
Kerala Style Aviyal Recipe-Avial

Aviyal/ Avial is an authentic Kerala dish which is the essential dish of ‘Kerala Sadya’ (Food banquet in banana leaf served on special occasions). Aviyal is a thick mixture of vegetables prepared in crushed coconut seasoned with curry leaves and raw coconut oil.

Though many vegetables can be added in Aviyal, beetroot, bitter gourd, cabbage etc are not added.

In south part of Kerala, onion and potatoes are added in Aviyal in home preparations. But these vegetables may/ may not be added in Aviyal made for ‘Sadya’.

Yam (Chena) and Drumsticks (Muringaykka) are the main vegetables of Aviyal recipe.

Usually Ivy gourd (Kovaykka), String beans (Beans) and Cluster beans (Amaraykka) are not added in Aviyal recipe but I add those sometime for extra nutrition ?

Kerala Style Aviyal | Avial Recipe

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Serves: 10 Prep Time: Cooking Time:


  • 1. Elephant foot yam - 1 Cup - Cut length wise (Chena)
  • 2. Drumstick - 3 Nos - Cut length wise (Muringaykka)
  • 3. Raw plantain - 1 No - Cut length wise (Nenthra kaya/ Curry kaya)
  • 4. Yellow cucumber - 2 Cups - Cut length wise (Kani vellari)
  • 5. Long beans - 1 Cup - Cut length wise (Achinga payar/ Odiyan Payar)
  • 6. Snake gourd - 1 Cup - Cut length wise (Padavalanga)
  • 7. Long green brinjal - 1 Cup - Cut length wise (Vazhuthananga)
  • 8. Carrot - 1 Cup - Cut length wise
  • 10. Potato - 1 Cup - Cut length wise (Urulankizhangu)
  • 11. Greenchilly - 3 Nos - Cut length wise (Pachamulak)
  • 12. Turmeric powder - 1/2 Teaspoon (Manjal podi)
  • 13. Red chilly powder - 1/2 Teaspoon (Mulakpodi)
  • 14. Salt - As required
  • 15. Curry leaves - 2 + 2 Stems
  • 16. Tomato - 1 No (Thakkali) - Cut length wise
  • 17. Cumin seeds - 1 Teaspoon (Cheriya Jeerakam)
  • 18. Coconut - 2 Cup - Grated
  • 19. Coconut oil - 1/4 Cup


  1. Heat coconut oil in a pan and add 2 stems of curry leaves.
  2. Mix all ingredients from 1- 14 with some coconut oil and add it to the hot pan.
  3. Keep covered and cook in low flame without adding water.
  4. When 75% done, add tomato/ curd/ mango (which ever using) and cook for sometime.
  5. Crush coconut and cumin seeds together and add this mixture to the cooked vegetables, mix well and cook for 5 – 6 more minutes.
  6. Add 2 tablespoon of coconut oil and 2 stems of curry leaves, mix well and switch off the flame. Keep the Aviyal covered for sometime for extra flavoring from coconut oil and curry leaves.


• For Kerala style Aviyal recipe all vegetables should be cut in lengthwise with medium thickness. • Aviyal tastes good if cooked without water. Water from Yellow Cucumber (Kani Vellari) and other vegetables are enough to cook the vegetables. • Add salt in the beginning of cooking. So water will be oozing out from vegetables enough for cooking. • Elephant foot yam(Chena) should be cut thin as it takes long time to cook. • Raw Mango/ Curd/ Tamarind/ Tomato – Any of these vegetables can be added to give sourness to the Aviyal. Add according to the sourness wanted in Aviyal. In this Aviyal recipe I’m using a tomato. • Don’t add sourness giving substance like Raw Mango/ Curd/ Tamarind/ Tomato etc in the beginning as these vegetables delay the cooking time. • Coconut should be crushed only. Do not grind the coconut to a fine paste, but all depends on personal interest. • Usually Aviyal contains lots of coconut but the amount of coconut/ vegetables added can be varied accordingly. • Aviyal tastes best when prepared in Earthern pans or Brass (Otturuli). • Mostly the color of Aviyal is greenish but sometimes Aviyal comes with orange shade if red chilly powder is added. Red chilly powder is optional if the recipe should be in greenish color.