March 30 is celebrated as World Idli Day. Interesting right?

Idli is accepted as a healthy, nutritious and filling breakfast breakfast. It’s one of the favorite and popular breakfasts for all South Indians.  The fermentation process of idlis breaks down the starches in rice so that they are more easily digested.

The idea of World idli day was first acknowledged in 2015 of Mr. Eniyavan, an Idli caterer from Chennai.

Kanchipuram Idli, Ramassery Idli, Mallipoo Idli are the famous types of Idlis in india.

Traditionally Idlis are made by fermenting rice and black gram overnight. But now a days we are making instant Idlis with Rava, Green gram, Oats etc.

Usually Idlis are made in small round flat moulds of metals but can make with some leaves like Jackfruit leaves, Turmeric leaves even on cloth pieces. Ramassery idli is made as big round over white cloths.

Did you know, it’s said that, Idli first originated in Indonesia.

How to make Idli

Different people make Idlis in different way. The main ingredient is raw rice and Lentil (peeled black gram/ Urud dal). Some people add cooked rice and or fenugreek seeds while making the batter to improve the fermentation process. The quantity of ingredients differes for different people. Find a best recipewhich suits your taste buds and adapt it.

Rice (and fenugreek, if you are using it) and Lentil are soaked separately for at least four hours and they are ground to a coarse paste and then combined (Add cooked rice also while grinding if you are using it). Let it ferment overnight next day pour fermented Idli batter On greased moulds of an idli tray and steam it covered for 10 minutes.

How to serve Idli

Idli can be served with Chutney or Sambar or Idli podi with ghee or oil. Or along with all these accompaniments.