Spicy Mango Cream - Juice
Spicy Mango Cream - Juice

Kerala Style Meen Puttu/ Fish Stuffed Steam Cake – Kerala style Puttu is a quick and easy breakfast made with either rice flour or wheat flour or Ragi flour etc and stuffed with grated coconut and steamed in moulds. In older days Puttu was prepared in Bamboo stems/ coconut shell to give a cylindrical or round shape. But now a days it’s replaces by Aluminium/ Steel moulds called as ‘Puttu Kuti’.

The main stuffing of Puttu is freshly grated coconut. But rich stuffing can also be added with variety of veg/ non veg items. In this recipe spicy fish stuffing is added to make the Puttu.

The stuffing recipe is given here – Fish Stuffing Recipe

For Chakka Puttu/ Jackfruit Puttu recipe – Chakka Puttu

Kerala Style Meen Puttu – Fish Stuffed Steam Cake

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  • 1. Rice flour for Puttu - As required
  • 2. Water - As required
  • 3. Salt - As required
  • 4. Fish Stuffing - As required


1. Make the Puttu dough as normal Puttu.

2. Stuff grated coconut and fish as per personal choice.

3. Steam and enjoy.


• Rice flour is the best to make stuffed food. • The rice flour used for Puttu recipe is different from normal flour i.e it’s not finely crushed nor a fine powder. A medium consistency is required. • Rice flour is dry fried once before making Puttu. But now a days fried Puttu Rice Flour is available in stores. • The consistency dough is not like making Chpatai/ bread. Water is added little by little and mix with the flour till the required consistency is achieved. It’s not a perfect dough but still in powder form. • To check the consistency, take the dough in hand and gently squeeze the dough. If it forms a shape and mixture is not fallen down, that’s the right constancy. • Don’t stuff rice flour/ stuffing tightly in the mould, it won’t allow the steam to come up and thus the Puttu will be uncooked. • Check the water level of the steamer occasionally.